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Construction’s age
3rd century A. C.

Via della Stella

Only guided visits; Entrance fee

from via Appia - Borgo Garibaldi turn to via della Stella. However, as the presence of a museum's guide is necessary it is better to park your car in front of the local museum

Accessibility for Handicapped
mot accessible

Tourist signs
Explanatory boards on site

Guided visits
It is possible to visit the catacombs with a guide within a tour organized by the local museum, in Italian or in English, that can be reserved by phone call 06 9323490 or by fax 06 9325759.

Guides and booklets can be bought in the local museum
Catacombs of San Senatore
he Catacombs under the Church of Santa Maria della Stella can be dated back to the 3rd century A.C. and can be deemed the existence's sign of a large Christian Community in Albano. In fact the eponymous saint was Albano's citizen. These catacombs are dug in a pozzolana bank between two peperino layers.

They were found in the 18th century and thanks to a recent restoration it is possible to admire some frescos painted probably in a period between the first imperial age and the 9th century. It is worth focusing on the painting in the apse near the main entrance representing the Redeemer between the Virgin and San Smaragdo.

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