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the Cathedral

Construction's age
4th century

Piazza Sabatini

From 8:00 am to 12:00 am and from 15:00 pm to 19:00 pm. It is possible to visit the crypt only by previous phone call to the number 06 9324113

it can be reached by car, parking it on the adjacent piazza Sabatini. The parking area is closed on Thursday morning

Accessibility for Handicapped
not accessible

Tourist signs
tourist information

Guided visits
"it is possible to visit the church with a guide within a tour organized by the local museum, in Italian or in English, that can be reserved by phone call 06 9323490 or by fax 06 9325759"

Guides and booklets can be bought in the local museum
The Cathedral
Piazza Sabatini on which there is one of the entrance to the Pope's Villa is delimited on one side from the Cathedral's lateral prospect. The church consecrated to the Albano Laziale's patron, San Pancrazio was built according to the wish of Constantine, so that the increasing number of persons living near the castrum could worship the Christian religion. The Constantinian basilica with its Episcopal see were destroyed by a fire during the pontificate of Leo III (795-816), who ordered its restoration in "mirum in modum”.

During the following centuries both the town and the church underwent several invasions: the first by the Romans in 1169, then by Eugene IV (1431-1447) and Sixtus V (1585-1590). The town had only 800 inhabitants obliged to pay service to the Savelli and the church, notwithstanding the restoration work ordered by Honorius IV (1285-1287) and by the Cardinal Pietro de Foix was like a stable consisting only of a nave.

In 1597 its floor and its roof were restored according to the wish of the Cardinal Ottone Truches; In 1570 the Cardinal Guido Feltri della Rovere ordered to repair the sacristy and the high altar; in 1594 the Cardinal Bonelli established here the chapter and ordered new ornaments and vestments; in 1688 Cardinal Flavio Chigi, the towns' bishop, ordered new restoration works, and the construction of a churchyard and a new sacristy following Carlo Fontana's plan.

The radical change of the structure is the result of the works ordered by the Cardinal Ferdinando D'adda who desired to give a definite form to the cathedral and ordered also to cover with bricks the pillars of the nave. When he died, the Cardinal Fabrizio Paolucci tried to follow the intentions of his predecessor, and in 1722 the architect Carlo Buratti designed its façade. The mass however was celebrated only in the nave as the right aisle was used as parsonage and as Episcopal chancellery and the left one as graveyard.

After five years of works, on the 5th May 1720 the Church was consecrated again. On the 3rd January 1826, after new restoration, it was possible to celebrate the mass in the eastern aisle. The works in the Cathedral continued for long time, also thanks to the generous contribution of common people which raised funds to promote again a restoration in 1854. Further works were effectuated in 1913 giving to the cathedral its present form: the coffered ceiling was eliminated and the pillars reinforced. The belfry was rebuilt during the first years of the 12th century according to the wish of Albano Laziale's bishop, Cesare d'Estrees.

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