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Church of Santa Maria della Rotonda

Construction's age
3rd century A.C.

Via della Rotonda - della Rotonda

the church is open only during celebrations. To visit the church it is necessary to go to the local museum; after payment of an entrance fee, visitors will be accompanied by a guide

it can be reached on foot, leaving the car in the parking area in front of the local museum

Accessibility for Handicapped
not accessible

Tourist signs
in the Church there is an explanatory board

Guided visits
"it is possible to visit the church with a guide within a tour organized by the local museum, in Italian or in English, that can be reserved by phone call 06 9323490 or by fax 06 9325759"

guides and booklets can be bought in the local museum
The Church of Santa Maria della Rotonda
The Church of Santa Maria della Rotonda was in the past a nymphaeum within Domitian's villa. The Roman soldiers of the Legione Partica transformed it in baths. The structure was later abandoned. In the 11th century some nuns coming from Greece took possession of this structure. They brought with them a Virgin's icon still preserved in the Church. During the past centuries the church underwent several changes but in 1938 it was restored giving it its present form and structure.

The structure shows a square-shaped front preceded by a small portico with part of the original wall and a mosaic floor of Severus age, reproducing with small white and black pieces of stone sea monsters. The interior has a circular plan with four great niches at the angles. The church has a dome-shaped vault with a central oculus.

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