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Church of San Paolo

Construction's age
13th century

Location San Paolo

the church can be visit from 8:00 am to 12:00 am and from 15:00 pm to 19:00 pm

it is possible to park on the square in front of the church

Accessibility for Handicapped
not accessible

Tourist signs
with tourist information

Guided visits
"it is possible to visit the church with a guide within a tour organized by the local museum, in Italian or in English, that can be reserved by phone call 06 9323490 or by fax 06 9325759. Visite guidate italiano ed inglese"

guides and booklets can be bought in the local museum
The Church of San Paolo
The Cardinal Giacomo Savelli (the Pope Honorius IV 1285-1287) ordered its construction in 1282 in the place where, according to the legend, walked the apostle Paul.

In 1492 Alessandro IV (1492-1501) permitted six Girolamini monks to establish here. In 1762 the church and the convent were restored preventing their complete ruin.

In 1769 the Cardinal Marco Antonio Colonna ended the restoration works eliminating from the façade the portico with its three arches and adding a beautiful flight of stairs. The cardinal ordered also the interior arrangement in late eighteenth-century-style.

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