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"Annunziata" Church

Construction's age

Location Annunziata

the church is open during the Mass celebrations

a fter crossing Don Minzoni and V.le G. Matteotti, once reached P.le Cina turn to the right in Via F.lli Cervi, cross it till Piazza dell'Annunziata

Accessibility for Handicapped
in front of the entrance there is a low step

Tourist signs
there is an explanatory board on site with the church's plan

Guided visits
call the municipal Cultural office for reservation. Phone number 06 9579010

the public library has guides and booklets on the town's monuments. Phone number 06 9362411
The "Annunziata" Church

Available information on the Church are those written by the priest Angelo Previtali in his memoirs. The Church's construction can be dated back to the 16th century, as in a pastoral visit of the 1569 it is called “chiesuola …fuori delle mura” (a little church out of the town's wall), that was opened for the celebrations of the Annunziata. In 1611 the Augustinian Fathers installed themselves in the church according to the wish of the Duke Cesarini. In 1786 the church and the façade were restored.

The façade is characterized by two different styles superimposed, in the inferior one the portal is framed in two Tuscan pillars and on each of their sides two pilaster strips enclose a niche; in the superior one, on each side two pilaster strips enclose a central window. The whole structure is surmounted by a triangular tympanum.

The interior has a nave, side altars and a barrel vault with frescos painted by G. Siciolante da Sermoneta(1520-1580). The most interesting work however is the “Annunciazione” painted by an artist belonging to the school of the Cavalier d'Arpino.

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