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Sforza Cesarini's Palace

Construction's age
17th century

Location Sforza Cesarini

the palace is open only during exhibitions and guided visits

it can be reached on foot: from Piazza T. Frasconi, cross via Italo Belardi and then via Tevere; or by car: from Piazza IV Novembre cross via Garibaldi, and after crossing Piazza D. Alighieri and via Morosini, it is possible to park in front of the Palace

Accessibility for Handicapped
under construction

Tourist signs
there is an explanatory board on site with the palace's plan

Guided visits
call the municipal Cultural office for reservation. Phone number 06 9579010

the public library has guides and booklets on the town's monuments. Phone number 06 9362411
The Sforza Cesarini's Palace
Built on the same place of the ancient Colonna's palace it was restored in 1637 and 1647. The façade consists of three different styles decorating the windows and it resembles Barberini's Palace in Rome while the portal with two Tuscan columns surmounted by a balcony is like that of Chigi's Palace built following the Bernini's design.

The interior is decorated with paintings representing landscapes and the views of the palace itself and the surrounding landscape. The building tended to be at the same time a sign of power and of nobility. The square in front of it is simple and not urbanized.

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