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"Madonna delle Grazie" Sanctuary

Construction's age
16th century

Location Francescani

the church is open only during mass celebrations; through the entrance door made of glass and iron it is possible to see the interior of it.

it can be reached on foot or by car: from Carlo Fontana, cross via della Libertà, via Fratelli Kennedy, via Borgo San Giovanni, via Madonna delle Grazie. There is a parking area near the sanctuary

Accessibility for Handicapped
not accessible

Tourist signs
with tourist information

Guided visits
it is possible to visit the church with a guide within a tour of the town, information by phone call
The "Madonna delle Grazie" Sanctuary
It was built in the 16th century according to a document of the 1569 preserved in the archives of Albano's Diocese, where it is stated:<...La detta chiesa ha oltre il suo altare maggior in cornu epistolae due altari uno di S. Anna et l’altro di Antonio et non ha dote alcuna...>, in addition to this there are some news written by the local historian A. Galieti:<.... La chiesetta, dalle pareti esterne in pietra scalpellata, si trova a circa 300 m. a sud del paese. Allo stato attuale si presenta come opera prevalentemente in stile dorico del XVI secolo.... >.

Its interior is characterized by a great central peperino arch with lacunars and rosettes, introducing to the high altar consecrated to the Virgin, whose icon is painted on a piece of slate. The room is lightened by the mullioned window on the left side.

In the back of the church there is part of the cloister of the 16th century that hosted the Franciscan monks. Because of a fire in 1862 the church was abandoned. In 1844 it was restored and reopened.

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