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Church of Santa Maria del Sangue
The construction of this ‘small temple', as it is usually called by the people, it is linked to a miracle: on the 6th June 1516, an icon of the Madonna placed in an aedicule, wept blood tears, and to remember this event Velletri's inhabitants decided to build near that aedicule a church. The building works began in 1524 and continued very slowly due to the delays of the stone-dresser, mastro Ambrogetto, then to the effects of the sack of Rome, and then to the violent earthquake in 1533, which caused damages to the building. The works ended in 1578, with an expenditure of 800 scudi only for the manpower, as the materials were offered by the inhabitants.

This octagonal structure with pillars at the basis and peperino cornices is characterized by a bramantesco style. However, the architect who realized it has not been identified yet: when the church was built Bramante was already dead; and probably one of the artist of his school could have built it, utilizing the designs of Bramante.

The ancient sundial, on the façade was destroyed during the second world war. It belonged the cardinal Stefano Borgia's collection, prominent person who gave a lot of fame to the town.

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