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The Church of San Michele Arcangelo
Near the small Bramantesco Temple there is the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, probably built on the ruins of the Temple of Sango, old divinity identifiable with the Semo Sancus of the Sabini, but according to another theory it was built over the oratory and the sacristy of the near Church of Santa Maria del Sangue.

The first date that can be cited with certainty is the year 1605, when the Bull of Pope Alexander II (1061-1073) was issued and in this document is mentioned the church. In 1524 it was opened a new entrance, the high altar was displaced and the two lateral entrances closed.

In 1825 the Church of San Michele Arcangelo was completely destroyed, because it was very ruined and rebuilt by Giuseppe Andreoli in 1834.

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