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Church of Santa Maria del Trivio
This church consecrated to Our Lady of the Assumption is called Santa Maria del Trivio while its façade finds at a crossroads where three streets converge.
The original church built in gothic style during the 17th century very ruined was completely rebuilt following a design of Carlo Maderno.
The new design aimed to build a church with a Latin Cross, a nave and a series of side chapels. At the transept there was a great dome.
In 1759 the architect Carlo Murena was appointed by the Cardinal Raniero d'Elci to direct the construction works. The façade was built in the 19th century. During the second world war the bombardments destroyed the monuments of Velletri and also the church was heavily damaged, and in particular the nave and the apse. The ruined building was restored almost like the original except for the tabernacle decorated with marble and mosaics.
Among the various paintings preserved in the church the most interesting are: the painting over the high altar “Gloria della Vergine Assunta in Cielo” painted by the Sienese Giovanni Sorbi in the 18th century, and the painting by the artist Sebastiano Conca in the chapel consecrated to Sant'Antonio and representing the Madonna with the Bambino, surrounded by Sant'Antonio and other Saints.

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