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Palazzolo's Convent woods


The Convent of Santa Maria di Palazzolo, whose certain news can be dated back to the 13th century, was built over the ruins of a Roman villa. After several events, which caused its decline it was rebuilt by padre Giovanni Fonseca di Ebora. It is right here, in the square in front of the Convent, that the beauty of this place express its particularity. From its belvedere it is possible to see the Lake Albano and its western coast with Castel Gandolfo and the Vatican palace with its observatory.
Area's Natural Characteristics
In the woods starting from the road just under the Palazzolo's Convent there is underbrush of Forre with ilexes and chestnuts. There are also: oaks, lindens, and maples. On the fresh soils it is possible to find the lindens typical of Italy, whose leaves and fruits are well-known for their relaxing properties, to use as infusion and as bath essence. Bees love this kind of tree as its flowers are very rich in pollen. Along the path, near the convent it is possible to see the job's tears, a plant of great naturalistic interest. This wood consists of plants which formed part of the ancient and famous wood ‘Nemus aricinum' or ‘Nemus Dianae' consecrated to Diana, and that extended till this area. The fauna cannot be watched very easily, and only if an animal cross the path. There are jays, robins, and in spring it is possible to ear the cuckoo, the picus virdis and the dendracopus major. In the undergrowth there are blackcaps and wrens.

The Path named ‘Cappucini-Palazzolo' starts from the Palazzolo's Convent. CrossVia dei Laghi (s.s. 217) and at the km 10,500, after a sharp bend, in front of a pizzeria, turn to the right, cross a slope signalled by the board of the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani. The path is long 2,430 kilometres and it will take you an hour to cross it.

Roads and Public Transports
By Car: From Rome, cross via Appia Nuova (s.s. 7, slip-road 23 of the G.R.A.) following the road signs for Via dei Laghi (s.s. 217). It is possible to park near the convent.
By Train: The nearest Railway Station (Albano Laziale) is at a distance of 6 kilometres from the Convent. The line is: Rome-Albano Laziale. There is a train starting each hour from Rome. It will take you 50 minutes to reach Albano Laziale. For information on train timetable call the phone number 848888088 or visit the web page
By Bus: Rome-Rocca di Papa-Via dei Laghi. (Cotral bus service phone number 800431784, phone number 067222153) from the underground station ‘Anagnina' of the Linea A. It will take you about 45 minutes to reach Palazzolo. The bus-stop is at a distance of 300 metres from the Convent.

Botany, landscape

The entrance is always open. For information call the l’Azienda autonoma di soggiorno e turismo “Dei Laghi e Castelli Romani”, Via Risorgimento n.2, 00041 Albano Laziale (RM), phone number 069324081/2, fax 069320040.

Tourist signs
There are tourist signs to reach the Convent. There is an explanatory board at the beginning of the path, but not along it.

Further Information
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