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This delightful elliptical-shaped valley, with steep slopes with an height of 25 metres, marks the volcanic origin of this area. The valley is an ancient crater which originated a lake, later on dried up.

Area's natural characteristics
The whole valley is destined to cultivations and only near the slopes it is possible to recognize spontaneous plants, such as broom, and ancient ilexes and English oaks near Colle Pardo. The flat land has been transformed by human intervention and therefore it is impossible to encounter particularly interesting animals. There are: sparrows, goldfinches, serins and green linnets. In the water of the drainage ditches there are: frogs, toads and the newts. This is a newt, small in size, 10-15 cm long considering also its tail, and with an orange abdomen. During reproduction the males of this kind have a crest on the back to attract females. Among reptiles there is the rat snake, a kind of harmless dark snake with yellow spots that can reach a length of 150 cm.
The ancient crater can be seen from Ariccia's viaduct, along the via Appia (S.S.7). This flat land is crossed by asphalted streets that can be reached directly from Ariccia.

Roads and Public Transports
By Car: From Rome, cross via Appia Nuova following the road signs leading to Albano Laziale and Ariccia. The car can be parked in front of Ariccia's Town Hall, to walk till the viewpoint.
By Train: The nearest railway station is in Albano Laziale at a distance of three kilometres. There is a train starting each hour from Rome. It will take you 50 minutes to reach Albano Laziale. For information on train timetable call the phone number 848888088 or visit the web page
By Bus: Rome-Velletri. (Cotral bus service phone number 800431784, phone number 067222153.) from the underground station ‘Anagnina' of the Linea A. It will take you about 50 minutes to reach Ariccia. The bus-stop is in Piazza di Corte.

Geology, landscape

There is free access to the valley except for the private zones. There is no possibility for guided visits.

Tourist signs

Further Information
Web sites:,,
Books: AA.VV., 1993. 14 Routes – Lazio. Guide geologiche regionali, vol. 5. Società Geologica Italiana, Roma.

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