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The wood calleed the “Piantato” finds at an height of 600-650 metres; it consists of important trees, such as splendid turkey oaks and English oaks. It is one of the Castelli Romani’s areas where there are still ancient exemplars of trees, which characterized woods with different arboreal kinds
There are trees belonging to the arboreal caduceus vegetation typical of Middle and Southern Italy: turkey oaks, lindens, and maples. To admire the beauty of this place cross the panoramic path that starts from the town of Montecompatri.

Area's Natural Characteristics
In this wood there is the turkey oak, an oak with caduceus leaves, which can be recognized for its fruits: an oblong acorn and a cup-like base rich of long, curve brownish spines, like a chestnut husk. Among the caduceus oaks there is the English oak, whose leaves become yellow in autumn and winter and are still on the branches in spring. The ilexes growing in small groups are rooted in the tufaceous rocks on the west side of Monte Ara. Undergrowth is characterized by elms, hazels, cornels, black elders and butcher’s-brooms.
On the northern side of the woods, there are a lot of planted trees, and therefore this wood is named the “Piantato” a word meaning plantation: walnut trees, fig trees, pine trees and locust trees.

To visit this wood cross the path indicated in the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani’s plan. This path begins from Piazzale San Silvestro in Monte Compatri, crosses via Stella Polare, till the end of the slope (1 km). Near a private house, turn to the right on a narrow street crossing the Ciufoli wood, after 100 metres turn to the left till reaching a flat land.
After this wide meadow, continue to walk on the left along the enclosure wall of the Camaldoli hermitage, and then turn again on the left towards Monte Salomone. At this point the path leads to the Piantato wood. This area belongs to the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani.

Roads and Public Transports
By car: From Rome cross the highway A1 Rome-Naples (slip-road Monte Porzio Catone) following the road signs for Monte Compatri. From Piazza Garibaldi follow the road signs for the Convent of San Silvestro.
By train: Line Rome-Frascati. There is a train starting each hour from Rome. It will take you half an hour to reach Frascati. For information on train timetable call the phone number 848888088 or visit the web page Through a series of steps you will reach piazzale G. Marconi, where it is possible to take a bus for Monte Compatri. It will take you 15 minutes to reach Monte Compatri.
By Bus: Rome-Rocca Priora. (Cotral bus service phone number 800431784, phone number 067222153) from the underground station ‘Anagnina’ of the Linea A. It will take you 40 minutes to reach Monte Compatri (Bus stop: Piazza G. Garibaldi). It is possible to take another bus to reach piazzale San Silvestro, at a distance of 1 kilometre (For information on bus timetable ask to the owner of the shop of electrical appliances “Merolli”).


For information phone to the Parco Regionale Villa Barattolo, via C. Battisti n.5, phone number 069495253/5 e Fax: 069495254, or to the XI Townstà Montana del Lazio - Castelli Romani e Prenestini", Via della Pineta n.69, 00040 Rocca Priora (RM), phone number 069470820.

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Further Information
Web sites: ,,,
Books: Bassani P., Cantiani G.P., 1997. L’ambiente naturale del Vulcano Laziale. Ed. XI Townstà Montana del Lazio “Castelli Romani e Prenestini”, Rocca Priora (RM); AA.VV., 1996. Quattordici sentieri tra natura e archeologia dei Castelli Romani e Prenestini. Editore XI Townstà Montana del Lazio Castelli Romani e Prenestini, via della Pineta 69, Rocca Priora (RM).

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