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In this area it is possible to see the peony's gaudy purple flowers, a plant which is not very common in Lazio particularly in the Castelli Romani's area. The peony because it is a rare species and because of its flowers is protected by the Law Legge Regionale 19 settembre 1974, no.61., forbidding any form of damage or picking-up. This area belongs to the Parco dei Castelli Romani as 24,5-hectare-wide reserve.

Area's Natural Characteristics
This hill is wooded with chestnut trees, with hazels, hollies, maples and beeches. Undergrowth's vegetation is characterized by the purple peony's flowers, herbaceous species flowering in April. Its leaves have three lobes, its flowers are great and gaudy, sometimes they are white and red or they are red purple. In the Castelli Romani's area this kind of plant grows in the Tuscolo's zone and in the woods surrounding Rocca Priora. In Italy it is quite rare except for Sicily, where it is common. The robin is the commonest bird. During winter this passerine does not fear people, so that to protect its territory it nears human kind, but during spring, the reproduction's season, it is very timid and it is more difficult to see it. Its chirp, a series of whistle, is the only sign of its presence.

Monte Salomone (753 m above the sea level) finds along the street, that from Monte Compatri leads to Rocca Priora. An hill on the right side of the road. To visit this area walk along the path starting from Monte Compatri's graveyard. Park the car near the barrier and turn to the path on the left. After 500 metres you will reach a small flat land with an hawthorn tree on its centre, surrounded by a thick chestnut woods, where on April and on May you can see the peony's flowers. The path continues on the right till reaching the hill's peak.

Roads and Public Transports
By car: From Rome cross the highway A1 Rome-Naples (slip-road Monte Porzio Catone) following the road signs for Monte Compatri. From Piazza Garibaldi follow the road signs for the Graveyard.
By train: Line Rome-Frascati. There is a train starting each hour from Rome. It will take you half an hour to reach Frascati. For information on train timetable call the phone number 848888088 or visit the web page Through a series of steps you will reach piazzale G. Marconi, where it is possible to take a bus for Monte Compatri (line Frascati-Rocca Priora). It will take you 20 minutes to reach Monte Compatri's graveyard.
By Bus: Rome-Rocca Priora. (Cotral bus service phone number 800431784, phone number 067222153) from the underground station ‘Anagnina' of the Linea A. It will take you 40 minutes to reach Monte Compatri (Bus stop: Graveyard). You can take a local bus from Piazza Garibaldi till the Graveyard (1,5 km). (For information on bus timetable ask to the owner of the shop of electrical appliances “Merolli” selling).


For information phone to the Parco Regionale Villa Barattolo, via C. Battisti n.5, phone number 069495253/5 e Fax: 069495254, or to the XI Townstà Montana del Lazio - Castelli Romani e Prenestini", Via della Pineta n.69, 00040 Rocca Priora (RM), phone number 069470820.

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Further Information
Web sites: ,,,
Books: Bassani P., Cantiani G.P., 1997. L’ambiente naturale del Vulcano Laziale. Ed. XI Townstà Montana del Lazio “Castelli Romani e Prenestini”, Rocca Priora (RM); Bassani P., Lotti L., 1992. Alberi e arbusti del Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani. Casa editrice del Parco dei Castelli Romani, Rocca di Papa (RM); AA.VV., 1996; AA.VV., 1996. Quattordici sentieri tra natura e archeologia dei Castelli Romani e Prenestini. Editore XI Townstà Montana del Lazio Castelli Romani e Prenestini, via della Pineta 69, Rocca Priora (RM).

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