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The wine “Colli Lanuvini” has a straw-yellow colour, a slightly spicy intense bouquet and a full proportioned bodied fragrance. It is a fresh and therefore very delightful wine. As the other wines of the Castelli Romani is perfect for lunchtime and therefore do not forget to drink this wine while eating the well-known “porchetta”, or with the lamb or the roasted game in Genzano.

The Colli Lanuvini production territory consists of that of Genzano and part of that of Lanuvio. These vineyards exposed to south-west are very sunny, and the temperature is mitigate from air currents coming from the sea and the lake.

The cultivation methods in Genzano were in the past very different from those of the other areas, as the reeds utilized to sustain the vines in rows, one year were put on one side of the plant and the following one on the other. The soil utilized to substitute that near the roots of the vines was named “dote”, an Italian word meaning “dowry”. The love of the producers for they vineyards was so strong that they utilized words related to human beings to describe the vines and for example the secondary branches of these plants were named “nepoti” , an Italian word meaning “nephews”.

In this area too there is the common tendency to transform the vineyards “a tendone” into that with the system “alla gouyot”, where there is a “castello”, i.e. a group of branches on one side about the stem is let to grow and to fruit, while the other on the other side will form a future stem. At present the vines have two “castelli”, i.e. on each side of the plant.
The particular cultivation of these vineyards enable them to be fresh and wet even during summer.

The vineyards in this area are very similar to the those in the other areas, but there is a stronger trend to introduce vines types to improve the production, such as the Chardonnay, because it increase the bouquet, already intense in this wine. The sale of the Colli Lanuvini wines was very strong in the past and gradually is reaching a wider market.

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