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Montecompatri - Colonna D.O.C.

Montecompatri’s vineyards are the highest and therefore there are greater rainfalls than in the other areas.

The well exposed and flat vineyards produce a wine more fragrant, full of vitality, harmonic, sprinkling and loveable.

In the past grottos, that began famous, were utilized to store wines during summer so that it could be drunk at a pleasant temperature.

The Production Territory consists of Colonna, Montecompatri - only partially as it belongs also to that of the Frascati – part of Zagarolo, and the vineyards along the via Prenestina.

The vineyards regulated by the rules consists of those more near to that at the beginning of the past century.

The cultivation methods are characterized as well as in the other areas, by the tendency to transform the “tendone” into rows. The new cultivations consist of rows with cordon training and gouyout.

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